The good, the bad and the ugly!!

The good the bad and the ugly.

That is how I would basically describe most rider training sessions that I see these days, both live and online. I am going to explain the difference between the three categories, you might be able to spot the three types yourself as you read through and it calls to mind your own experiences of coaching, instructing or teaching riders in general.

This month I am focusing on riding instruction, as the covid problems continue it is more important than ever to keep yourself and your horses in good working order and nothing works better than riding your horses properly, for both horse and rider. I will make three key points for each category as I see it.

The good riding lesson.

The holistic approach.

Number 1... lets start with the good session.

The riders position

A good riding learning session might focus on many aspects of riding, however, it is the job of the trainer to identify what, if anything, about the riders position needs to be corrected. All riders should be in balance and therefore it is essential for trainers to remind, and if necessary demonstrate, a good riding position that is balanced.

So we have our first essential element of a good training session, positional correction, if necessary. If your trainer never corrects your position you are either perfect, which is uncommon or your trainer needs to do better. Therefore essentially a good training session will focus on BOTH the rider AND the horse, not just one or the other, this catches a lot of ordinary trainers out as they just cannot do it. All trainers should always be prepared to get on the horse too and demonstrate teaching points if possible.