Let's Get positive, that is what equestrians do.....

It is time to get positive as winter approaches, this month I am going to give readers and followers ten ideas to create some positive thinking and optimism in these difficult times as we face up to the oncoming winter and the terrible threat of a resurgent Covid 19.

It is all too easy to get down and defeatist but we must all do what we can to lift ourselves and our fellow equestrians and family members.. here are my ten tips for the winter to get things going on a positive footing for all equestrians and hopefully allow you to find some reasons to smile..

1. Remember we are equestrians we don’t give up easily, we are up first and often last to get home in the evening most days, if not sometimes up all night, seeing to our horses every need, our horses need us and if you have a horse you have got the best friend anybody could ever have, never forget that. I know as much as anyone how horses can lift us up and carry us forward to better places. In order to believe in our horses we have to believe in ourselves and show them we can lead the way with positive energy, it really does work if you think positively it will rub off not just on your horses but also the people around you.

2. Check on your friends, the ones who might not be appearing as often as they usually do, they might be fed up and losing the drive to get to the yard, so bear it in mind and take the first step, give somebody a call, it will also help your own sense of well being too, I know it will. I think an awful lot of us have big challenges this year and a thoughtful call can be a very effective way of lifting both the caller and the receiver, just give it run.

3. Have a sit down and make a list of your favourite times with your horse, actually write them down, include how you felt and what it was that made you feel so happy and proud it really should help you get a sense of happiness and a sense of wellbeing, I find this one worked very well for me personally as it is sometimes too easy to forget the good times if we get a bit down.

4. Write a horsey bucket list, include three things, maybe those which you could fairly easily achieve, then maybe some that would be a stretch and finish off with the really wonderful thin