It's a minefield out there

Up early today I am off to assess a horse that was sold as level headed (to cut a long story short) and has now reared over backwards with the new owner and hurt itself and the rider/owner.

I get these requests occasionally when people become aware of how I drill down into the detail of a horses training, the riders abilities and the validity of the ‘transaction’.

When I put the reports together the courts often fail to take much of it into account, apart from showing gratitude towards my due dilligence, on the basis that horses are ‘by and large’ sold as seen.

However I will give it my best shot, once again, for these people as they are decent and have, by the sounds of things been had off large by a couple of arseholes.

This ‘sold as seen nonsense really needs to be challenged. The courts are failing in their duty to support good people and provide them with appropriate levels of justice.

It isn’t local to me (hence early start) and although specific details are confidential I can only warn people once again to be as cautious as possible prior to the purchase of horses.

This is happening through the more upper price ranges as well as the lower end.. and horses as much as 20 - 40 k can be involved.

Just a heads up. Have a good weekend if you are lucky enough to to be able to enjoy it. 🐎

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